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Accepted papers can be presented as Oral Presentation

The length of oral presentations can be 20 minutes, depending on the acceptance type and each session has a chair. It is expected that the presenter is ready in the room before the session begins. All technical session rooms are equipped with a video projector and a computer running Microsoft Windows with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may bring it in a USB drive (also recommended as a backup precaution). Using your own laptop or smart device, as long as it is enabled with VGA output connection is possible but not recommended. The presenter should prepare a set of slides that clearly illustrate the main points of her/his paper, and make sure the presentation fits well within the assigned time slot, leaving at least 5 minutes for a period of question-answering. Should sound be required, the presenter is kindly requested to contact the conference secretariat at least 3 weeks in advance in order to ensure proper arrangements. It may be useful to follow presentation best practices